Mélanie is a translator and reviser that I hold in high esteem. I often call on her services when I have too heavy of a workload, and am always glad when I do. Mélanie’s skills in terminology research and her in-depth understanding of the subject matter are truly brilliant. She always meets deadlines and provides flawless work. I am happy to have this wonderful partnership that I hope will continue for years to come! Thank you, Mélanie!

Martine Pilon

Translator and Revisor, ATIO, Bruyère Continuying Care

I had the pleasure of working with Mélanie for about a year. She makes an excellent team member who can put the group first to contribute to the group’s resources and synergy.

She holds herself to a high standard and makes no compromises in the quality of her work.

Her people skills and contagious positive attitude make her a highly valued team member.

Rachid Saad

Revisor, Fox Translations Ltd.

Finding a competent translator is no easy task and seems to be getting even harder. After unsuccessful collaborations with a number of translators, I started working with Mélanie Mathieu on a freelance basis in 2014. Mélanie immediately adopted the terminology and style of our projects and always delivered very high-quality translations, under little supervision and within the often short deadlines. Mélanie is a linguistic treasure and I highly recommend her services.

Régis Holstein

Translation Manager, Liberal Party of Canada

Mélanie is an attentive and diligent translator. Can it be said that Mélanie is passionate about her work? Absolutely. Her passionate shows in the superb work that she does, as it is of a consistently high quality and is always delivered on time. We know that working with Mélanie always means that the work will be done well.

Amélie Beauchesne

Revisor, Fox Translations Ltd.

I had the chance to work with Mélanie in the past and I found her to be versatile, attentive to detail, and a quick learner, with a strong sense of customer service and good listening skills. She is also conscientious and precise in the information she provides, as well as respectful of others and of guidelines. It also goes without saying that her knowledge of multiple languages and great curiosity about other cultures are an asset to her work.

Mélanie also translated my artistic biography into Spanish and German with high speed and professionalism. She even took the initiative to suggest a few corrections to the original text, which I greatly appreciated on top of having the pleasure of working with her!

I enthusiastically recommend Mélanie Mathieu’s skills!

Andrée Levesque

Poet, Singer and Songwriter