My journey began way back in 19—well, quite a while ago, in a small town in southern Quebec, where foreign language and multiculturalism were not yet an integral part of my life. Yet, despite my initial surroundings, I developed a passion for cultures different from my own and decided to dedicate myself to discovering them while learning other languages.

Completing my Bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and Modern Languages and in Translation at Université Laval in Quebec City provided me with the opportunity to discover unknown territory and master the German and Spanish that I had been previously studying. My academic path well equipped me to offer you my services in translation from English to French, as well as from German and Spanish to French.

Driven by my passion and determination, I excelled in my translation studies through my involvement as President of Traductions Langulaire, Université Laval’s translation agency, as well as through my internships at the Translation Bureau in Quebec City, and at the Government of Manitoba Translation Services in Winnipeg.

A proud member of CLEF (Language Entrepreneurs Forum), I began my career in languages as an in-house translator at an Ottawa translation agency before going on to work for myself.

Now that I have found my path, I thrive professionally every day, in which I can demonstrate my exemplary professionalism while offering you high-quality service and a positive working relationship. I stand out for my excellent organization skills and judgement, as well as my leadership, autonomy, ability to learn quickly, and my openness to others.

What’s my career goal? To consistently hold myself to a higher standard ! Resourceful, audacious, and versatile, I am always ready to take on new challenges!